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13/14 Once Upon A Time Season...






by Anthony Burgess


by Martin McDonagh


by Jose Rivera


Oct 19 - Nov 9, 2013


Jan 18 - Feb 8, 2014


May 3 - 24, 2014





In this Commedia dell’arte inspired piece incorporating masks, music and movement, Alex and his vicious gang of Droogs wreak merciless violence wherever they turn. Eventually, this unmitigated violence leads to murder. Once in prison, Alex is forced to make a choice; either remain locked-up or be released back into the world and face the loss of everything he loves.



In this dark, uncomfortably witty tale of life imitating art, Katurian, the author of grisly short stories, has been called into question regarding a slew of child murders—murders which horrifyingly resemble those depicted within his works. Katurian will do anything to preserve the existence of these stories—even at the expense of this own life.

    A wealthy young woman, invites two strangers to join her feast commemorating the death of her parents. but her dark purpose remains unclear. All that will change tonight when two damaged souls find their way to her table. If they are able to last till the end of the meal each will get $20K, but there is always a catch. Tensions rise, true colors are revealed and the main course is not the only thing with claws.  
  Featuring: Erin Carr, Amy Frear, Jeremy Gable, Katie Gould, Alan Holmes, Shamus Hunter McCarty and Kevin Rodden.     Featuring: Robert DaPonte, Chris Fluck, Ian Lithgow, Slade Roff and John Zak.     Featuring: Amanda Grove, Jessica Gruver and Amanda Schoonover  
  Wed/Thurs $20; Fri-Sun $25     Wed/Thurs $20; Fri-Sun $25     Wed/Thurs $20; Fri-Sun $25  
  Running Time: 85 minutes     Running Time: 140 minutes        
  Sat, Oct 19 @7pm     Sat, Jan 18 @7pm (Sold-Out)     Sat, May 3 @7pm  
  Sun, Oct 20 @2pm     Sun, Jan 19 @2pm (Matinee)     Sun, May 4 @2pm (Matinee)  
  Wed, Oct 23 @7pm     Wed, Jan 22 @7pm     Wed, May 7 @7pm  
  Fri, Oct 25 @8pm     Fri, Jan 24 @8pm     Fri, May 9 @8pm  
  Sat, Oct 26 @8pm     Sat, Jan 25 @8pm     Sat, May 10 @8pm  
  Sun, Oct 27 @6pm     Sun, Jan 26 @6pm (Industry)     Sun, May 11 @6pm (Industry)  
  Wed, Oct 30 @7pm     Wed, Jan 29 @7pm     Wed, May 14 @7pm  
  Fri, Nov 1 @8pm     Fri, Jan 31 @8pm     Fri, May 16 @8pm  
  Sat, Nov 2 @8pm     Sat, Feb 1 @8pm     Sat, May 17 @8pm  
  Sun, Nov 3 @6pm     Sun, Feb 2 @2pm (Matinee)     Sun, May 18 @2pm (Matinee)  
  Wed, Nov 6 @7pm     Wed, Feb 5 @7pm     Wed, May 21 @7pm  
  Thurs, Nov 7 @7pm     Thurs, Feb 6 @7pm     Thurs, May 22 @7pm  
  Fri, Nov 8 @8pm     Fri, Feb 7 @8pm (Sold Out)     Fri, May 23 @8pm  
  Sat, Nov 9 @8pm     Sat, Feb 8 @8pm (Sold Out)     Sat, May 24 @8pm  

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